Planning a trip to Belgium? I am. Some wonderful tips here ranging from great historical sites to where to enjoy a delicious Abbey Ale. Highly recommended.

Hey guys, sorry for the quiet time lately. I just go back from a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I drank some delicious coffee, ate few giant pasties, and capped my days with some great beer from Blackrocks Brewery. You ought do yourself a favor and look into their beers as they’re really doing some good stuff. 

These are a few of my favorite things… And look one of Milwaukee’s four beer gardens made the list!

We paid a visit to Mauer Park’s Sunday flea market. Found a few treasure and got a little muddy, but totally worth it. It was a fun festival of food, creativity, and people. Definitely not to be missed.

It doesn’t matter where in the world I go…

I always wake up at 6:45am local time. I think I’m going to add this to my list of talents.

Party foul in the streets of Berlin.

Party foul in the streets of Berlin.

Just doing some important research over here.

So.. um.. there’s this.

I’ve been scoping out this site pretty heavily these past few weeks. It’s done me well every time I’ve traveled so I thought I should share this. In addition I will be traveling yet again in a few weeks. Off to Berlin and the surrounding areas. As always message me with some great tips. Places to eat, drink, see… you know how this works.

I’ve posted something similar before but it’s always fun to revisit the relation between beer and sport.